To Be Born Black In Mississippi


This moving memoir is extremely well told, and the author’s obvious affection for his family and his anger and sense of injustice at the difficult challenges he faced battling racism in Mississippi came across very clearly. Though exposed to horrific and hateful racism, the author’s narrative remains fair and even-handed throughout, with much to be admired in his character and principles. There were no lapses in the timeline and construction of the book, and my only regret is that so little was revealed about Mr. Mayfield’s ensuing years as a civil rights attorney

Renee, CreateSpace Editor


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“Editorial Letter”

Kenneth Mayfield did not intend to get involved in the civil rights movement when he registered for entry to the University of Mississippi. Kenneth simply wanted to be a lawyer.

He attended the University of Mississippi with only one goal and that was to get a law degree. But even though integration had already taken place, the injustice and discrimination he routinely experienced made him realize he could not simply turn a blind eye. Kenneth only wanted to be a lawyer, but he discovered his life’s purpose along the way.

Kenneth began to actively stand up against racism and racial injustice. Kenneth became the quintessential black militant of the late 60’s, determined to fight racial injustice by any means necessary. This was the start of a new path for Kenneth.

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